"You are out of this world! Your patience, peace, and pixie-like energy has been so uplifting and refreshing. I am so grateful to have someone so motivated to ignite the healing in others in my life." 

-Doriane Swaine, playwright and lead actress in Daymares and Nightdreams at the Manhattan Reparatory Theatre, my first on stage production when I moved to NYC four years ago. 

Lexie Bean.

i'm passionate about creating honest and Complex trans narratives through writing, performance, and film. 

From curating my third anthology and performance series with/for fellow trans + non-binary domestic violence survivors, to writing and acting in What They're Made Of following a teenage trans boy getting his period for the first time, to developing my first children's book based on my animation The Ship We Built, my creative-process and building characters who transition alongside me has made me feel braver in my own coming-out.  My words and projects revolving around these themes have been featured Teen Vogue, who I regularly write for, as well as Ms. Magazine, Bitch Magazine, ThemBust MagazineHuffington Post, FTM Magazine, Logo's New Now Next, Autostraddle, The Establishment, The Feminist Wire, etc. 

For the past three years or so, I have been training one-on-one in monologue and scene study with a Warner Brothers guy, who is a fierce and caring human that casually talks about Ellen Page and Madonna. For the past year I have also been working closely with a group of up-in-coming LGBTQ* performers. The Studio was recently featured on HBO for offering space for Laverne Cox, Sawyer DeVuyst, and other trans actors like myself to support each other in our skills, vulnerabilities, and will to continue story-telling.  Last summer, I also signed on as a model with Zandwagon and was interviewed by Glossy Magazine ​about working with the queer-inclusive agency. 

Out now is the much-anticipated release of activist and former assistant director for Transparent Jacob Tobia's web-series Blank Slates and Full, my short experimental documentary about dissociation, PTSD, and sexualized violence. And! Guess what?! Coming soon is a sizzle reel for a television series, Them, that I am writing alongside Paul Moon, as well as a lecture series with University of Pennsylvania and Middle Tennessee University on trans inclusion in the #metoo movement.  

​More fun facts: I spent ten days in the neurology ward at the Military Hospital in Budapest, Hungary, and guess what! They have gluten free options. I had a plant graveyard in my college freshman year dorm room. I got toilet paper stuck to my roller skate the at the fourth grade Halloween party, and three years later won the gold medal in my division at the USA Roller Sports National Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska. And I'm very good at the game "Two Truths and a Lie," so luckily you just got three Truths. 

Here is another Truth: I think you could be fun and meaningful to collaborate with. Say hi.