Lexie Bean.

We live in the future now, so there are many ways to contact me,

1. Anything acting relatedJenevieve Brewer

jenevieve AT jbtalent.global

2. Anything modeling related, Debora Spencer at Zandwagon

debora AT zandwagonnyc.com

Want to reach me directly? 

1. Email lexiebean123 AT gmail.com

2. Facebook

​3. Instagram @oklexiebean

4. Ask for my address and you can google maps my apartment in Queens

    (please don't) 

5. Dream world ~ practice lucid dreaming and find me there

6. Dream world ~ we will meet each other in line at Trader Joe's 

But. Here's the thing:

I would much rather know you in real life. 

​See you on the other side.