i like to do things other people write, too. 

Reel + Resume below. 

Here are some things i'm working on,

My third anthology in which I collect letters that people write to their body parts. This one published through Jessica Kingsley Publishers late March 2018. It focuses on fellow trans and non-binary survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. So far, the project has been featured in Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, Ms. Magazine, Bust Magazine, The Establishment, FTM Magazine, Logo’s New Now Next, a print issue of Bitch Magazine, as well as a showcase co-curated with all the anthology participants for Domestic Violence Awareness Month at Gibney Dance. This fall, I am speaking at Hampshire College and Sarah Lawrence College on including trans voices in the #metoo movement and working with Black and Pink to co-organize a performance and panel fundraiser to send books to incarcerated LGBTQ+ folks. 

The first two anthologies included international tours of multi-media performances and storytelling workshops in the US, Canada, England, and Hungary, as well as a Survivor Support workshop series at colleges around the midwest as a part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. My first Teen Vogue article, "Valentine’s Day Letter To My Body Parts," goes into the origins of this project as a whole and was recently published in The Byline Bible by Susan Shapiro. 

The Ship We Built is a middle-grade book and screenplay-in-progress about two kids who imagine a world where they can dream, learn, grow, and be together without limits of words and empty homes. The narrator finds a safe place in their pal, Dóra. The friends give each other an uncharted strength and magic that they didn’t know existed outside of their drawings. Together they build something new.

The first segment of this was written in snow covered mini-van and is my first children's story, secretly made for adults too. It then became an animation, thanks to the brilliance of Rosalie Eck and Harry Rubin-Falcone. The short film was featured at the OUTSpoken Performance Series in Knoxville, Locomoción Festival de Animación in Mexico City, and Stirring: A Literary Collection. Next, it will become a middle-grade novel to be published with Dial at Penguin-Random House in 2020. After that, it will become a feature length film I am co-writing with Ally Sheedy. 

A short experimental documentary based off of poem I wrote and read at “Narratives of Pain,” and event curated by Zain Ali Shamoon at the Detroit Institute of Arts. It collages together original footage by Zach Jamieson and home video, documenting dissociation, sexual assault, and all the times I didn't have words for myself. It premiered at the Szczecin European Film Festival in October 2017, and was most recently screened at the Flat Earth Festival in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland. This September, I brought it to Berlin to share at a conference for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.


A television series with Paul Moon (Amazon's The Tick and the New York Times) following a community in Ohio--deeply needing change while being so afraid of it. I have been working on the piece for a few years now as I have worked through my own coming-out process. We are currently wrapping our pitch package, and will be ready to dive into sharing with networks this fall. For more, contact Liz Orr at Buchwald at lorr AT buchwald.com. 

A short film following a teenage trans boy who has his period for the first time. Raasa Leela de Montebello, her kitten, and I devised the piece over the course of two months. It is currently in post-production and will be ready for sharing and festival-submissions later on this year. 

Lexie Bean.