What's up?!


i'm passionate about creating honest + complex trans narratives through writing, performance, & film.


from curating my lambda literary finalist anthology for trans inclusion in the #metoo movement, to Developing a tv series inspired by my homeland, to building "the ship we built" (2020) from a text message into a novel with dial at penguin random house - i create pieces that transition and grow alongside me. & currently create in fellowship with the jerome hill artist fellowship

my work specifically with transgender survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse has received accolades from the founders of the trevor project, the new york times, RAINN, the ali forney center, ONe love, sounds of saving, male survivor, and MORE. i've been honored with membership in rainn's national leadership council to speak publicly on the many forms of justice survivors deserve. 

My storytelling career began in 2012, when I curated and self-published my first anthology full of letters that people wrote to their body parts. I have been interviewed by and written for a large number of publications, including Teen Vogue, Ms. Magazine, The New York Times, Bitch Magazine, Them, Bust Magazine, Huffington Post, Logo's New Now Next, Kirkus ReviewsAutostraddle, ThrillistThe Detroit News, Lambda LiteraryThe Feminist Wire, Toi Magazine and more. My writing has also been transformed into four experimental films. Full and Trans Boy Remember, both of which have played at festivals across Europe. An animated version of The Ship We Built, premiering at the Locomoción Festival de Animación in Mexico City, is now being adapted for a feature length film. My most recent, A Scavenger Hunt For People Loneliest In Their Own Homes, was commissioned by Price Hill Will and will have it's international premier this fall at the Indie Short Awards Cannes, where it also received the award for Best Experimental Short. I am currently in pre-production for my first feature-length documentary - What Will I Become? Co-directed by Logan Rozos, the film weaves together the stories of three trans boys who died by suicide and the those who are surviving the suppression and isolation that comes with binary masculinity, while offering resources and imagination for a way forward.

My essays, poems, books, and short films have also been presented at a range of venues, including the famous Bluestockings and The Strand in NYC, the Detroit Institute of the Arts, MitSprache: The German Council of Victims and Survivors' Expert Committee of the Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse Issues, as well as barns, blackbox theaters, cafeterias, universities through two self-organized international tours of creative writing workshops and performances inspired by my writing and experiences. With this, I have been in partnership with countless transition homes, rehab centers, and non-profits, such as Black & Pink, RAINN, Home in Budapest, and Slutwalk Johannesburg and have received additional support from the Sundress Writing Residency and Retreat for Survival and Healing in Knoxville, the Gibney Dance Institute for Community Action Training in New York, the Jane Hoppen Residency at Paragraph New York, and the Bookshop Santa Cruz Residency at the Wellstone Center in the Redwoods.  

For acting! I currently study The Barrow Group approach! My work has ranged from indie short films, to roller skatin' as your music video muse, to a national ad that was also featured in Times Square. I often land roles of people and creatures who are lost, one who shows up and changes things, or one with a big secret. Most recently, I play Maddy - a non-binary teenager navigating family structure and isolation - in the Columbus feature They/Them/Us premiered at the historic Chinese Theater in Hollywood with Dances with Films Festival. I also made my TV debut with Modern Love! Both projects premiered in fall of 2021. For more recent projects and updates, read the lil red box on this page! 


1.) I love thinking of fake band names, particularly with two loved ones both named David.

2.) I cried the last time I watched 13 Going On 30

3.) I got toilet paper stuck to my roller skate at the fourth grade Halloween Party, and three years later I won the gold metal in my division at the USA Roller Sports National Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

I'm very good at the game "Two Truths and a Lie." Lucky for you, I just gave you three truths. 



-Stay tuned for collaborations on The Ship We Built! Including, Johns Hopkins University, Rutgers University, CUNY, Western Michigan University, Arizona State University, and University of Colorado Boulder. And a special collaboration with RAINN's Speakers' Bureau for A Scavenger Hunt For People Loneliest In Their Own Homes

-Most recently: Panelist forRAINN's "Answering the Call: Safe Spaces" alongside Leyna Bloom, Cameron Esposito, and domestic violence prevention professionals and the"Speak the Body: Survivors and Celebrations" panel in the Middle Ground Book Fest


-Winner for Best Experimental Film at Indie Shorts Awards Cannes in France, Semifinalist at the Academy-Award qualifying Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival, Official Selection for Athens Digital Arts Festival in Greece and NoWhere Festival in South Korea for A Scavenger Hunt For People Loneliest In Their Own Homes 

-The Ship We Built as the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators book pick of the month featuring a lovely conversation with author Lee Wind here

-Awarded with a Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship - "supporting Minnesota or NYC-based artists, early in their careers, who generate and create bold, innovative and risk-taking new work that explores and/or challenges conventional artistic forms" - along with entry into the MAP Fund’s Scaffolding for Practicing Artists Program.

-Awarded by the Trans Justice Funding Project for the making of my first feature length documentary co-directed with Logan Rozos, What Will I Become?

-Awarded as a 2021 Michigan Notable Book by The Library of Michigan for The Ship We Built and interviewed here by the Manager of Special Collections

-Written on the Body ​honored as a One City One Book Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Selection with the San Fransisco Public Library

-Scholarship for Circle Facilitation Training with Hidden Water to be completed this fall


-They/Them/Us, where I play the supporting role of Maddy, premiered at the historic Chinese Theater in Hollywood with the Dances With Film Films Festival - LA's truest indie festival. Next up - the San Diego International Film Festival and a special screening at the historic Lincoln Theater in Columbus, Ohio.

-I am Sky! In Episode 1, Season 2 of Modern Love - which is my TV debut and a funny writing full circle moment. 

-An epic immersive eight-room installation in Brooklyn inspired by locations and themes ofThe Ship We Built - future showings to be considered. 

-"7 LGBT Folks Share How They Rest and Get Away" published inThrillist

-"'What Will I Become?' Tackling Trans Masculinities and Nuances of Misogyny" published in Autostraddle

-"When Restorative Justice Language, Instead of Action, Perpetuates Sexual Abuse" published in Autostraddle

-A sweet moment in Finneas' "What They'll Say About Us" premiered on Good Morning America

​-A really thoughtful interview on Sister Roger's Gayborhood Podcast alongside What Will I Become? Co-Director Logan Rozos; available to listen anywhere you listen to podcasts

-A forum I'm co-hosting for trans masculine+ survivors of sexual abuse alongside Male Survivor as an extension of the What Will I Become? documentary. 


-Summer 2021!!! The release of the paperback edition of my debut novel, The Ship We Built with Dial Books for Young Readers at Penguin Random House. The audiobook is now available too! 

​-For writing, I'm currently immersed in the screenplay adapation of The Ship We Built and beginning my next novel. 

-My first feature length documentary, What Will I Become?, co-directed by Logan Rozos, is now in pre-production and we wrapped our first long in-person shoots in Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Our next shoots will take place remotely, the Tri-state area, North Carolina, and Colorado throughout the summer of 2021.