A collage film documenting dissociation, sexual assault, and all the times I didn't have words for myself.

Co-directed with Zach Jamieson and written by me; music by James Vitz-Wong. Full premiered at Szczecin European Film Festival in Poland. The poem within the film was originally written for Zain Shamoon's "Narratives of Pain" at the Detroit Institute of the Arts.

Personally, one of the most transformative avenues of sharing this project was at Berlin's Kongress MitSprache, the world's largest conference by and for survivors of childhood sexual abuse in all contexts. It was my first time in a room full of childhood survivors of all ages.

This summer, I've received a grant to work on a short film that features a poem written by me! Looking forward to sharing more on this soon. 

I'm also in the very-very early stages of my first not-so-experimental feature length documentary. It will deal with themes of binaries, mental health, masculinity, and suicide. 

Again, it's in early stages and I've got a few secrets too. For now, I can just express major gratitude to Breakthru Films, Charlie Hidalgo, Sage Persing, Trevor Project, and Trans Lifeline, for existing and doing what they do.

What's next?

I've been working on developing a drama series for many years called Flyovers. I'm keeping it mostly a secret right now, but pitching time is coming ~soon.~ Until then, sending love to queer people, addicts, and the isolated working class in Ohio.






I am adapting The Ship We Built, my debut novel coming out with Dial Books for Young Readers at Penguin Random House, into a feature length screenplay! I'm most inspired by Room and Beasts of the Southern Wild, and the loving mentorship of Ally Sheedy. The story itself deals with themes of gender, sexuality, abuse, incarceration, and industry loss in the Rust Belt. I have been gifted time and space to develop this piece through the Jane Hoppen Residency at Paragraph New York and the Santa Cruz Bookshop Residency at The Wellstone Center in the Redwoods, as well as a generous reading hosted by Brad Calcaterra at THE STUDIO.

Stay tuned for more details <3 In the meantime, here are two favorite mood-boards I collaged early in my creative process and visit "The Ship We Built" page to view the animated short version.

Trans Boy Remember

At the age of 9, I stopped speaking. It's the year I broke from the inside, raped. I came out as a trans boy years later. I am often afraid of becoming a man who I might confuse for the one who hounded my body. This film is a poem, this film is about growing into the unknown.

Directed by me, music by James Vitz Wong, and animation by Shoshana Gordon. Trans Boy Remember premiered at VideoPride in Madrid, Spain. The poems featured in this experimental documentary are inspired by my former anthologies, Attention: People with Body Parts and Written on the Body

​One day, I hope to write and co-create a feature-length narrative version of this baby. In the meantime...