feta cheese snob

I have curated, led, and shared with panels, workshops, and events around the world. Most themes included art talks about past work, domestic violence, creative working, and transgender inclusion and safety in all settings. 

roller skating prodigy


speaking + facilitation

I am Queer + trans; a Survivor of domestic violence + sexual assault, & many things at once.



I'm a sucker for discomfort & deeply investing in stories. I feel immersed in my film acting training and take on projects that scare me. 

movie crier

WHO HE-they?

& i love making things!!

Lately YA lit, screenplays, emotional emails, & forever anthologies, with a Lambda Literary nomination for my most recent collection. Much of my content focuses on bodies, crushes, cyclical violence, LGBTQIA+ narratives & finding ways to read them out loud. 

NEXT UP! The Ship We Built with Penguin Random House comes out May 2020!