Lexie Bean.

​​Performing STuff

writing stuff

Hi. My name is Lexie Bean. I love to make things. 

I am non-binary trans; INFJ; proud member of a bad comics collective. Survivor of domestic violence + sexual assault, and also a feta cheese snob. Movie crier, former roller skating prodigy, and many other things at once.

You're probably here because I'm also a writer / performer / filmmaker. So here you go: 

I'm a sucker for discomfort & deeply investing in stories. I feel immersed in my training and take on projects that scare me. These days, mostly doing film, but always have a soft spot for all projects playing with improvisation & movement. For more! Click here. 

Lately Teen Vogue, anthology-making,  and screenplays. I also like prose, poems, kids' stories, little-BIG words, emotional emails, saying hi to strangers. Much of my content is on bodies, crushes, trauma, & LGBTQ* narratives & finding ways to read them out loud. For more! Click here.